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Title: Conversations You Don't Know We're Having
Author: [ profile] nowadventuring
Fandom: Pacific Rim
Rating: PG-13
Character/Pairing: Hermann Gottlieb/Newton Geiszler
Disclaimer: I make no claim to the persons depicted here or to their fictional counterparts.
Word Count: 2100
Warnings: None
Notes: Written for this prompt at [ profile] pacificrimkink.
Summary: The spleen was doing something very uncooperative now, turning colors no alien spleen was meant to turn, and oh god, was something bubbling? That could not be good. "No, baby, no, I can fix this, I can do better, just give me one more chance," he begged it, ignoring Hermann's baffled, "Pardon?" in his ear. He grabbed frantically at the tongs, fumbling them, realized he probably couldn't fix this situation one-handed, and said to Hermann, "Gotta go, important work to be done."

"Newton, I swear to you, do not hang up this phone, follow my instructions—"

"No time, man, science is happening," he said, and then without thought tacked on, "Bye, love you," and threw the phone in what was likely the direction of his desk, not bothering to end the call. Hermann probably kept talking, but hello,
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