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Title: Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like this Candy Heart that Says 'I Love You'
Author: [ profile] serotonin_storm
Fandom: SPN RPS
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word Count: 1100 words
Warnings: None.
Summary: Jensen is honestly, truly, deep down in his soul, a little bit horrified.
Notes: Written for [ profile] poor_choices's reverse drabble meme. Prompt: Jared goes a little crazy on discount candy day and gorges himself on sugar. Hyperactivity ensues!

The year Jensen turned nine, his mother had insisted he invite the entire fourth grade class to his birthday party. The year Jensen had turned nine, Jeff Padalecki, a vengeful enemy ever since Jensen kicked his ass at Digimon cards in front of Danneel Harris, had brought along his younger brother Jared and set him loose upon the festivities. And the year Jensen turned nine, Jared Padalecki had got his sticky little fingers on every sweet treat in sight and then promptly threw up all over Jensen's birthday cake, burst into tears, and was given Jensen's new remote-controlled car in a desperate attempt to calm him down.

Since then, due to Jensen's startling lack of taste in individuals, he has developed a truly unreasonable crush on Jared Padalecki, his ridiculous dimples and his obnoxiously loud laugh. But that doesn't mean he isn't wary when Jared - gorgeous, stupidly tall, and very much no longer five - saunters up to the counter of the Dollar Tree where Jensen has been toiling away his college break, stacks at least a dozen bags of gummy worms, candy hearts, lollipops and candy corn in front of the register, and says, "Hi!"

Jensen stares at the mountain of high fructose corn syrup piled before him. It is admittedly not his most professional moment.

"Uh," says Jared, the tips of his ears slowly flushing red. "Is there, like, a limit?"

Clearing his throat, Jensen fumbles for the candy and starts scanning. "No, of course not. Sorry."

"That would be a stupid business move, huh? S'why I could never run a store." Jared's grin is blinding as he slaps a palm against the counter and laughs, giving Jensen a little wink.

"That'll be five ninety-five," Jensen replies, shoving the bag of candy in Jared's direction, because he has apparently become socially inept during some point during this conversation. Jared's playful smile dims.

"I'll just, uh, get going." The plastic bag rustles as he gives an absent wave, and then the bell jingles and he's gone, and Jensen is left feeling fairly sure that Jared Padalecki will never attempt to use the English language on him again.

He takes an early smoke break. He figures his life sucks enough that he deserves it.


Except - "Hi again!" Jared says an hour later, holding up a bag of sour gummy worms with a sheepish smile.

Jensen is honestly, truly, deep down in his soul, a little bit horrified.

"You already ate all that?" he blurts. The woman in line behind Jared gives him a withering glare.

"No!" Jared looks affronted. "I gave some of it out!"

Jensen shakes his head. "Sorry, I didn't mean - Um, I meant - " He swallows, comes up short and tears off Jared's receipt. "Uh. Have a nice day."

Jared leans forward, elbows on the counter. "Actually, Jensen - " And Jensen startles, because he had no idea Jared actually knew his name. " - do you think I could stick around here for a little while? Would that be okay? I'm meeting someone."

"I don't think that's - " Jensen starts to say, but the lady behind Jared harrumphs and taps one dangerously pointed shoe, and Jensen's I don't that's up to me turns into, "Sure, yeah, great. Can I help you, ma'am?"

Jensen tries his best not to stare at Jared's dimples when he grins.


"And this one says 'Be Mine,' which is just sweet, don't you think, Jensen? I'd like to ask somebody to be mine." Jared swings his legs. Jensen's winces as the backs of his sneakers bang against the wood, the clatter echoing through the store.

"Sir, I have to ask you to get off the counter. Again."

Jared hops off the counter obligingly. Unfortunately, Jensen has learned from experience that this will only last around seven minutes.

"It's so weird when you call me sir," Jared chatters. He happily dismembers a gummy bear. Jensen gets out a rag and starts wiping the sugar from the counter. "We're practically the same age."

"I'm four years older than you," he corrects absently.

Jared stops chewing. "You know how old I am?"

"Uh," Jensen says.

Jared watches him closely, or at least as closely as someone can when they can't seem to stop bouncing on their heels. "I'm not in high school anymore, you know. Eighteen. Of age. An adult."

Jensen blinks. "That's awesome?"

"Yeah," says Jared, and maybe it's just Jensen's imagination, but he could swear the kid's shoulders slump just a bit. "So I think that's my friend," he says, pointing, and Jensen turns, squinting against the sunlight to see the squirrelly-looking blond kid who likes to shoplift on Sundays hovering outside on the sidewalk. "It was nice talking to you, Jensen," Jared adds, and then he high-tails it out of there too quick for Jensen to even say, "You too."

And that would be that, except a second after the door slams shut, Jensen spots Jared's half-eaten bag of gummy bears still sitting dejectedly on the counter, and he figures, hey, he'll take any excuse he can get.

" - thought you were gonna finally ask him out," the blond kid is saying when Jensen shoves the door open. Jared slaps a hand over his rapidly reddening face when he spots Jensen and says, "Oh my god, Chad, you jackass, shut up." He shoves Chad in the direction of the parking lot. Chad rolls his eyes dramatically but - and thank god, because Jensen doesn't think he could do this with an audience - keeps walking away.

"You, uh. You forgot this," Jensen says, holding the candy out to Jared in one sweaty hand. He tries to wipe the other discreetly against his jeans.

"Thanks," Jared mumbles, and he's already turning around, following his friend, when Jensen shoots forward without thinking and grabs his jacket. He turns back, cocking his head questioningly. "Yeah, Jensen?"

Words fail Jensen again for one humiliating moment, And then, all in a rush, he manages to get out, "So I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me sometime."

Jared gapes. It's not a flattering look on him, even Jensen can admit. "Seriously?"

"Yeah, just. I've seen you around, and I just..." Jensen swallows, running a hand through his hair. "If you say yes, I'm gonna have to take the gummy bears back. 'Cause I like you, but not enough to let you throw up all over my food again."

Jared laughs and tosses the bag of candy right back at him. Jensen catches it with a grin, relieved.

"Done deal."
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